Manitobah Mukluks is Canada's fastest growing footwear brand. Working directly under the director of e-commerce, I was in charge of making sure our e-commerce site was bug free at all times. I also implemented a related products feature which lead to a substantially higher average order value per customer.
EDC is the export development bank of Canada. Through both paid campaigns and organic methods we were able to target a wide range of Canadian exporters, regardless of business size.
Gbatteries is a battery technology company based in Ottawa. BatteryBox is their consumer product providing cutting edge power improvements through a smart external charger. As a team we significantly grew our customer base in a short amount of time.
Ebaotech is an insurance software company based in Shanghai, China. They serve predominantly Asian insurance companies but are looking to expand into the western market as well. As a pre-sales intern, my job was to ensure that the messaging was correct for our English customers.